Client Wins

Brienne Quit Her 9-5 And Replaced Her Income With Her First Beta Launch

Carmin Discovered Her Proven Offer That Had Students Begging to Work With Her

The You Can Launch program is just the beginning...

Our ultimate goal is to help our students build successful businesses that scale, not just provide a proven offer.

With our launch and scale strategies, we have helped countless students turn their beta courses into profitable programs.

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Mat Generated $400,000 With Our Beta Strategies, Then Took Our Launch Methods To Achieve Over $1,500,000 After Rinse and Repeating

Janne Generated $500,000 in 3 Days With Jenna's Launch Strategies and Continued Repeating the Method to Make A Total $800,000+

Check out more on what our awesome students have to say about what it's like working with us over the years with other programs.

Ese has made over $100,000 with launches using Jenna's methods

Sage had almost 1000 applicants and ended up making $100,000+ with her beta launches

Sydney generated $12,000 in just one day using Jenna's strategies

Maya made $15,000+ on her first beta launch then turned her beta program into a 5-figure evergreen offer in just 2 months

Soness made an additional $38,000 by revamping her program with Jenna's beta strategy

Linda sold her brick and mortar business to venture online and made $15,000 with her first beta launch

Donna was forced to find a new source of income when she lost her job to COVID

Lindsay made $10,000 in her first beta launch

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